Student Rights and Responsibilities

Below are the rights and responsibilities regarding disability access at UC Irvine for all students registered with DSC. Please discuss any questions you may have regarding these rights and responsibilities with your Specialist/Counselor.


  • I understand that my participation in DSC is entirely voluntary.
  • I understand that I have equal access to any and all courses, programs, jobs, services, activities, and facilities offered by UC Irvine.
  • I understand that I have the right to confidentiality of all records regarding my disability and, except as required or permitted by law, the choice as to whom to disclose this information.
  • I understand that DSC will provide assistance in removing any physical, academic and attitudinal barriers.


  • It is my responsibility to provide DSC with the required documentation and/or forms (medical, educational, etc.) to verify my disability and support my request for services.
  • It is my responsibility to comply with published procedures for obtaining accommodations, academic adjustments and/or auxiliary aids and services and that I must adhere to them for continuation of services.
  • It is my responsibility to follow the procedures for requesting accommodations for each quarter in which the accommodation is needed.
  • It is my responsibility, like all UC Irvine students, to follow the university's Code of Student Conduct.
  • It is my responsibility to meet the academic and non-academic standards for admission to, participation in, and/or fulfillment of essential requirements of university programs or activities. I understand that it is not within the purview of DSC staff to substantially alter essential program requirements or those directly related to any licensing requirements.