DSC NOTES Providers may choose from the following recognition options:

  • Community Service Hours (CS): You may receive up to 30 hours per class.
  • Nominal Fee/Stipend: You may be paid $35/unit. You must attend a hiring session and complete necessary hiring paperwork to recieve your nominal fee/stipend.

Students interested in sharing a copy of their course notes for student(s) registered with the Disability Services Center (DSC) must agree to the following criteria:

  • Must be currently enrolled in the course/s you are assigned to provide notes for
  • 100% class attendance
  • GPA must be above 2.5
  • Take clear, thoughtful and accurate notes and upload to assigned UCI webfiles folder
  • Hand written notes must be legible, scanned and uploaded to assigned UCI webfiles folder
  • Notes must be uploaded within 2 hours of class (unless other arrangements are approved by the DSC NOTES Coordinator)
  • Respect the confidentiality of the DSC student
  • Immediately notify the DSC NOTES Coordinator if you drop the assigned course
  • Arrange for a substitute Note Provider if you must be absent from class
  • Attend a 15 minute orientation with a DSC staff member